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Organic Cotton Jumper – Blue Holland

Certified Organic Cotton Jumper: Hasta Luego Lucas

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I know, your little boy is sick of taking the boring uniform or those “battle” clothes from school Monday through Friday. So the jumper Hasta Luego Lucas is great to bring a great look for the weekend. It has a Super original print, the color is spectacular and will make you shine the face just put it on. You’re going to love it and don’t forget to tell him Hasta Luego Lucas!

It is also made of certified organic cotton. Super warm, super soft, super tasty and super ideal.

It combines perfectly with the trousers of the collection and with the dress for a plus of coat. Also with its three colors, have fun making your own mix & match.


12-18M, 18-24M, 24M, 4A, 6-12M, 6A, 8A


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